NOVACO Class O Insulation
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NOVACO Class O Insulation

Class O is a flexible, closed cell, elastomeric, nitrile rubber insulation. It is a highly efficient method of insulating hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork and refrigeration pipework for frost protection, energy conservation and condensation control. It is dust, fibre and CFC free with an ODP of zero which means an environmentally friendly product; outdoor applications require special paint finish for frost protection.

Class O Insulation  - Features and benefits:

  • Class O Fire performance - the gold standard when there is a requirement for a reduced flame spread. This Class O Product conforms to all current building regulations.
  • Dust and Fibre free. Great for the environment as no CFC 's are included in the manufacturing process.
  • Can be used in domestic plumbing and heating systems. The product is flexible and easy to install.
  • Class O Insulation is versatile. It can be used at temperatures of up to 105 degrees C, or as low as minus 50 degrees.
Sizes Available

Insulation Roll

Size Thickness in Imperial      Size in Metric                      Selling Price (RM/Roll)

1/8'' x 4' x 30'                      3mmx1.22mx9.14m                         RM107.10
1/4'' x 4' x 30'                      6mmx1.22mx9.14m                         RM141.30
3/8'' x 4' x 30'                      10mmx1.22mx 9.14m                      RM184.50
1/2'' x 4' x 30'                      13mmx1.22mx 9.14m                      RM209.70
5/8'' x 4' x 30'                      16mmx1.22mx 9.14m                      RM317.70
3/4'' x 4' x 30'                      19mmx1.22mx 9.14m                      RM325.80
1'' x 4' x 30'                           25mmx1.22mx 9.14m                    RM409.50
1 1/4'' x 4' x 30'                   32mmx1.22mx 9.14m                      RM621.00
1 1/2'' x 4' x 30'                   38mmx1.22mx 9.14m                      RM756.90
2'' x 3' x 15'                           50mmx1mx 4.6m                           RM577.80

Item Code                                           Description         
NRC14B-30        Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 1/8'' TK x 4' x 30'/ 3mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC24B-30        Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 1/4'' TK x 4' x30'/ 6mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC34B-30        Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 3/8'' TK x 4'x 30'/ 10mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC44B-30        Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 1/2'' TK x 4'x 30'/ 13mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC54B-30        Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 5/8'' TK x 4'x 30'/ 16mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC64B-30        Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 3/4'' TK x 4' x 30'/ 19mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC1-04B-30    Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 1'' TK x 4'x 30'/ 25mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC1-24B-30    Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 1 1/4'' TK x 4'x 30'/ 32mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC1-44B-30    Novaco CL 0 FM Roll 1 1/2'' TK x 4' x 30'/ 38mm TK x 1.22mx9.14m
NRC2-03B-15    Novaco CL. 0 FM Roll 2'' TK x 1m x 15'/ 50mm x 1m x 4.6m

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