CDC Anti-Clog (Drain-Pan Anti Clogging)
CDC Anti-Clog (Drain-Pan Anti Clogging)


FT/C (3/4 oz) up to 5 tons - CDC Anti-Clog#1 (24-pc/box/6-box/case)
Slim Strip (3/4 oz) up to 5 tons - CDC Anti-Clog#1 (24-pc/box/6-box/case)
AT/C (2 1/8 oz) up to 15 tons - CDC Anti-Clog#1 (12-pc/box/6-box/case)
The Brick (6 oz) up to 45 tons - CDC Anti-Clog#1 (6-pc/box/36-pc/case)

  • CDC Anti-Clog#1 stops the growth of bacteria and slime accumulation in air conditioner and refrigeration condensate pans.
  • CDC Anti-Clog#1 is an EPA registered brand, containing 40% active ingredients
  • CDC Anti-Clog#1 is so powerful, each application goes to work immediately and lasts for 3 months of continuous 24-hour operation keeping drain lines open and pans slime and bacteria-free.

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