Elitech PG-30 Digital Pressure Gauge Meter
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Elitech PG-30 Digital Pressure Gauge Meter


PG-30 digital pressure gauge can test the pressure and the corresponding refrigerant evaporation temperature value, with backlight, manual calibration, automatic shutdown, unit conversion, low battery alarm and other functions, the battery life of up to one year for refrigeration, Pressure vessels and the like.


1, when using the refrigerant, to bring goggles. Refrigerants are harmful to the eyes.
2, when connecting pipes to be extra careful, there may be compressed refrigerant pipe, the pipe end to stay away from the nearby people.


- Pressure measuring range: -0.100 ~ 5.000MPa
- Operating temperature and humidity:10°C ~60°C; 35% ~ 85%RH
- Resolution: pressure :0.001MPa; temperature 0.1°C
- Accuracy: pressure : ±5%FS (22°C ~ 28°C); temperature 0.1°C
- Battery life: six months
- Power supply: 3V CR2450 button cell
- Sampling Period:1.2s
- Battery Indicator: displays “LOB” at low battery
- Display:30mm*17mm LCD/green back-light auto-off after 6s
- Measurement Units: MPa, kPa, bar, psi, kgf/cm2,mmHg
- Out-of-Range Alarm: pressure: FULL
- Warranty :one year


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